Space Tower Defense

Second game :) F1 for help.



One day in a galaxy far far away… I was watching your computer screen. Out of nowhere these punks started walking in a LINE from one end of the screen to the other. Out of my cruel hatred for lines, I started manufacturing digital turrets to disrupt their line and kill those fools, but no matter how hard I tried they just kept coming. By now I’ve gotten them pretty mad at you, and now they’ve vowed to walk in a line across your screen for the rest of eternity. (P.S. I’m really sorry about that :) Now it’s up to you to defend your computer against these relentless pixels… or else…

Update Notes     ?/?/2017
Remake for GameMaker Studio.     6/10/2013
Converted to Delta Time.
Minor bug fixes.     6/2/2013
Added sounds for explosions.     5/29/2013
Added wave timer.
Mines can’t fly.
Made minor graphical improvements.     5/28/2013
Now displays the proper amount of enemies in each wave.
Nerfed Starter Turrets.     5/26/2013
Added 4 more turrets.
Made minor graphical improvements.     5/17/2013
Fixed turret moving bugs.
Buffed Machine Gun Turrets and Laser Turrets.     5/16/2013
Fixed sound problems.
Made turret moving improvements.
Added global upgrades.
Added more turrets.
Added more enemies.
Added more waves.     5/10/2013
Made some minor graphical improvements.     5/5/2013
Fixed a turret moving bug.     5/5/2013
First release.

Changes are in Bold