Space Stuff

This is my first game, so everything in it is stuff I just recently found out how to do. As I learn more, I’ll keep adding more. Delete old Preference files. F1 for help.



You are the governments’ top secret agent, but, after stealing the aliens’ most technologically advanced spaceship, you are sent on a suicide mission to save the world. The entire alien race has declared that they don’t like you and that they are unfriending you on facebook… oh, and they also said they would get back their spaceship or destroy it trying. Now, instead of giving them back their spaceship, you have decided to destroy the entire alien race.

Player: “MWAHAHAHAHA… I mean, this will teach you not to unfriend me!”

Update Notes     ?/?/2017
Remake for GameMaker Studio.     6/8/2013
Converted to Delta Time.
Randomized Spawning.
Minor weapon modifications.
Minor bug fixes.     6/2/2013
Added sounds for explosions.     5/13/2013
Mothership now spawns properly.
Difficulty increased.
Training Room bugs fixed.     5/10/2013
Buying extra lives now costs the proper amount.     4/28/2013
Made some improvements with firing.
Added ability to spawn enemies in training room.     4/26/2013
Fixed Missiles and Homing Missiles not dealing damage to Mothership.
Made Mothership spawn.     4/26/2013
Started making update notes.

Changes are in Bold